My Family's Military Service

The buttons above were made here

The French and Indian War

Ralph Shelton, Jr. (Amelia County, September 1758, Virginia Colonial Militia)


Revolutionary War (1775-1783)

William Bethel (Capt., North Carolina Militia)

Abraham Cantrell (Capt., North Carolina Unit)

George Dickey (Capt., North Carolina Unit)

John Dickey (Capt., North Carolina Militia)

Moses Dickey (Pvt, North Carolina Unit)

Anthony Dickey (Lt., North Carolina Unit)

David Dickey (Pvt, North Carolina Unit)

James Ennis (Pvt, Co. E, 9th Virginia Reg't)

Leuman Gee (Pvt, Co. G, Hobart's Reg't, New Hampshire Militia)

John Jaco (Cpl, William Grayson's Regt, 16 VA from Fairfax Co., VA)

William Jaco (Cpl, William Grayson's Reg't, 16 VA from Fairfax Co., VA)

Joseph Magness (Pvt., 3rd Reg't [Miller's] Kentucky Militia)

William Magness (Capt., Col. William Grahorm's Tryon [North Carolina] Reg't of Militia)

James Owen (Col. Horry's Reg't, SC; Col. Alexander's Reg't, VA; Capt. Greenhill's Co., VA; Capt. Buckstiff's Co., VA; then served as Orderly Sgt in Col. Richard Elliot's and Merriwether's Reg't., VA.. James fought at the Battle of Sullivan's Island, SC and at the Battle of Little York in VA)

James Jacob Pettypool (Pvt., Virginia Militia)

William Pettypool (Ensign, [Capt. Richard Jones' Co.] Virginia Militia)

William Pettypool (Pvt., Montfort's Co., 1st US Reg't {Post Revolutionary War})

William Shattuck (Major, Massachusetts Unit)

Daniel Shelton (Major, Virginia Militia)

Rev. John Webb (LtCol, Virginia Unit)

Burrell Bassett Wilks, Sr. (Sgt., 11th Reg't Virginia Cont. Line)


War of 1812 (1812-1815)

Larkin Bethel (Pvt., 3rd Reg't [Copeland's] West Tennessee Militia)

Cloud Bethell (Pvt., Capt. Ferrell's Company, West Tennessee Militia)

Morris G. Burton (Capt. Bird Nance's Company of Infantry, 2nd [Cocke's] Reg't West TN Militia)

Benoni Caldwell (Q. Lt., Bunch's Reg't, Mounted, [1813-1814], East Tennessee Vol.)

Vincent Ennis (1 Reg't [Napier's] West TN Militia)

Joseph Johnston Erwin Jr (Sgt., Capt. Josiah Renshaw's Company, Tennessee Militia) [Dec 1812 - Apr 1813 and Sep 1813 - Dec 1813]

Brook B. Jaco (from Logan Co., KY)

James Magness (3rd Maryland Cont. Line, KIA Battle of Cowpens, South Carolina)

Byrd Overby (Pvt., 5th Reg't Virginia Militia)

Peter Overby (Lt., 1st Reg't [Byrne's] Virginia Militia)

Stephen T. Pettypoole (Capt., 6th Reg't [Sharp's] Virginia Militia)

Caldwell Pettypoole (Pvt., 4th Reg't [Greenhill's] Virginia Militia)

Allen Sampson (Pvt, 2nd Reg't Mounted, Tennessee Volunteers)

William Savage (2nd Reg't, Edgecombe County, North Carolina)

Claiborne Shelton (Pvt, 6th Virginia [Coleman's, Jan - May 1814] Militia Reg't)

Ezekiel Wheeler

William W. Wheeler (Capt. Hargrave's Company, Mounted Volunteer's, Illinois Militia [4 US Inf])


The Black Hawk War

Stephen Smith McCann, Sr. (Mounted Volunteers from Pekins, Illinois, under Capt. John Giles Adams. He served from June 1831 to 27 May 1832)

Ransom Harris, Sr. (Illinois Unit)


The Mexican War (1846-1848)

Monroe Shattuck (Pvt, Co. B, 2nd Illinois Infantry)


The Civil War (1861-1865)

Thomas Ballard Alderson (Pvt., Co. A & B, Forrest's Reg't, 3rd TN Cavalry, CSA)

Phillip Argetsinger (Co. A, 161 NY Inf, USA)

Henry Argetsinger (Pvt., Co. F, 23 Reg't New York Vols, USA)(Cpl, 1st New York Veteran Cavalry, USA)(*P O W* at Andersonville Prison)

America Arnold (Capt, Co. F, 44th Tennessee Inf Reg't, CSA)

William Marion Baggett (Pvt, Co. H, 1st Reg't Florida Infantry, CSA)

James M Bates (1 Lt, Co. G, 39th Reg't GA Vol Inf [AKA: Gilmer Lions], CSA)

Samuel Bethel (Co. C, 1st Kentucky Light Artillery)

George Marion Brewer (Co. E, 2nd Tennessee Mounted Inf, USA)

William Riley Brewer (Cpl, Co. A, 10th Reg't Tennessee Inf, USA)

Dennis Condin Cantrell (2Sgt, Co. D, 1st Reg't Alabama Cavalry, CSA)

Hasel Haswell Cantrell (Co. G, 39th GA Inf, CSA)

John Dillon Cantrell (Pvt, Co. K, 5th South Carolina Inf, CSA)

John Starling Cantrell (Pvt, Co. H, Cobb's GA Inf Reg't, CSA)

Peter Cantrell (Pvt, Co. A, Fain's Reg't, 65th GA Inf, CSA)

William Henry Cantrell (Pvt, Co. D, 1st Alabama Cavalry, USA)

Edward Carver (Corporal, Co. H, 7th Wisconsin Inf, USA)

Robert Fee Carver (Co. I, 12th Wisconsin Inf, USA)

Moses David Dickey Jr (Pvt, Co. D, 31st Texas Cav Reg't [Hawpe's Reg't], CSA)

William Newton Dickey (Pvt., Co. D, 2nd Reg't Missouri Cavalry, USA)

George Downer (Cpl, Co. B, 1st Wisconsin Inf Reg't, USA)

Raymond Oscar "Rame" Ennis (Sgt, Co. I, 24th North Carolina Inf [formally- 14th Reg't NC Inf Vols], CSA)

Robert Washington Ennis (Co. C, 36th Alabama Inf Reg't, CSA)

Michael Pike Erwin (Gaddy's Company, Arkansas Home Guards, CSA)

Thomas Johnston Erwin (Gaddy's Company, Arkansas Home Guards, CSA)(Co. N, 73rd Reg't Enrolled Missouri Militia, USA)

William Jasper Fowler (Pvt, Co. I, 16th Reg't South Carolina Inf, CSA)

Gillam Harris (Pvt, Co. G, 84th Illinois Inf, USA)(KIA)

Benjamin Howard (Co. F, 8th Iowa Cavalry, USA)

Jeremiah Jaco (1stLt, 35th Tennessee Infantry, CSA)

Oliver Riley Jaco (Co. D, Searcy's Battalion, Missouri Sharp Shooters, CSA)

George Clinton Johnson (Co. I, 20th Wisconsin Inf, USA)

Arthur Johnson McCann (Sgt, Co. K, 36th Wisconsin Inf Reg't, USA)

Jordan Jackson McCann (Pvt, Co. K, 36th Wisconsin Inf Reg't, USA)

Stephen Smith McCann, Sr. (Pvt., Co. C & E, 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry, USA)

Stephen Smith McCann, Jr. (Pvt., Co. E, 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry, USA)

Christopher Columbus Miller (Capt, Co. I, 49th Wisconsin Inf Reg't, USA)

Daniel Owen (Sgt, Co. F, 13 Arkansas Inf, CSA)

William Carroll Potter (Lt, Co. H, 16th TN Inf Reg't, CSA)

Thomas Benton Potter (Co. A, 16th TN Inf Reg't, CSA)

Perry Green Potter (Co. C, 23rd TN Inf Reg't [Martin's], CSA)

Ezra W. Reed (Co. A, 27th Iowa Inf, USA)

Eli Savage (Co. B, 9th/15th [Ward's] TN Cav, CSA)

William Savage (Co. I, 14th TN Inf Bgd, CSA)

Scott Winfield Shattuck (Pvt, Co. I, 27th Iowa Reg't, USA)(Capt, Co. F, 6th Iowa Cav, USA)

Nelson Henry Shattuck (Pvt., Co. I, 36 Wisconsin Inf, USA)

Joel Shelton (7th Illinois Cav)(Cpl, Co. K, 98th Illinois Vol Inf, USA)

Alexander Shelton (Ohio Unit, USA)

William C. Shelton (Pvt, Co. K, 43rd Ohio Inf Reg't, USA)

William Reuben Sherman (Pvt, 5th Wisconsin Inf, USA)

George Washington Singletary ( Co. A, 33rd Alabama Inf [Gunter's Battn], CSA)

William Franklin Singletary (Pvt, Co. A, 2nd Ohio Inf, USA)

R. D. Webb (Co. A, 35th TN Inf Reg't, CSA)

Silas Richard Webb (Co. A, 35th TN Inf Reg't, CSA)

Thomas Webb (Co. B, Murray's 22nd Battalion of TN Inf, CSA)


The Spanish - American War (1898)


The Philippine Insurrection (1899-1902)


World War 1 (1917-1918)

Andy Adkins (PFC, Co's M & G, 357th Inf., 90th Div., U.S. Army)

George Henry Argotsinger (U.S. Army)

Lawrence L. "Archie" Byrd (PFC, MPC, U.S. Army)

Clyde E. Ennis (SFC, [QMC] Quarter Masters Corps, U.S. Army)

Eugene Francis Gillespie (1stSgt, Batt. F, 8th F. A., U.S. Army)

Henry Ellsworth McCann (Blacksmith 1, U.S. Navy)

John Franklin "Frank" Mericle (22nd Reg't, U.S. Army)

Bert James O'Daniels ([MSE] Master Signal Electrician, Signal Corps, U.S. Army)

Clyde Theodore Rothfeldt (Pvt, Co. B, 50th Inf., U.S. Army)

Daniel Christopher Savage (Pvt, HQ 50th Inf., 20th Div., U.S. Army)

Dixie "Dixon" Boza Savage (Pvt, 162nd Depot Brig., U.S. Army)

Melvin Newton Savage (U.S. Army)

Ollie Gene Savage (Pvt, Battery E, 115th Field Artillery, 30th Div., U.S. Army)

Sam Daube Savage (Pvt, Demobilization Group, U.S. Army)

Allen Bryce Williamson (PFC, Sq#335 QMC, Field Remount Squardron, U.S. Army)


World War 2 (1941-1945 US involvement)

Dale Erwin Argetsinger (U.S. Merchant Marines)

Victor Eugene Argotsinger (Tec 5, 37th Inf Div, 148th Inf., U.S. Army)

Warren Frederick Argetsinger (Seaman 1st Class, U.S. Navy Reserve)

Finis Ewing "Bert" Burton Jr (Tec 4, 129th Inf Reg't, U.S. Army)

John Harry Burton (U.S. Air Force)

Omar Burton (PFC, U.S. Army)

Wavell Wallace Burton (Cpl, U.S. Army)

Robert Belmont Campbell (PFC, U.S. Army)

Russell Fred Darby (SSgt, U.S. Army)

George William Fowler (PFC, U.S. Army)

Melvin Marcus Fowler (Pvt, U.S. Army)

Wilma Kern Holloway Jr (MSgt, U.S. Army)

Berkley Harold Lons (U.S. Army)

Leland V Lons (U.S. Army)

Orlando "Orrie" Abner Lons (Cpl., Hq Co, 87th Brig., U.S. Army [New York National Guard])

Russell F. Lons (Pvt, U.S. Army)

Woodrow Wilson Lons (Chief Petty Officer, Seabees, U.S. Navy)

David Henry McCann (M2, U. S. Navy)

Ezra Anthony McCann (Pvt, 1318 Service Unit, U.S. Army)

James Edward Medford (Tec 5, U.S. Army)

Jack Pershing Orr (Col, U.S. Air Force)

Dewey Clarence Purdue (U.S. Army)

Martin Luther Reeder (Pvt, U.S. Army)

George Henry Rene (Pvt, Co. K, 118 Engineer Corps, U.S. Army)

James "Jesse" S.P. Savage (Pfc, Btry C, 749th AAA Gun Battn., U.S. Army)

John Adams Savage (Tec 5, U.S. Army)

John Frazier Savage (CWO4, U.S. Army)

Nauril Wesley Savage (U.S. Navy)

Richard Massine "Hawkeye" Savage (U.S. Army)

William Herbert "Bill" Savage Jr (S1, U.S. Coast Guard)

Fred C. Schleiffarth (Pvt, U.S. Army)

George Herman Schleiffarth (TSgt, U.S. Army)

Paul B. "Burton" Schleiffarth (U.S. Navy)

James Paul Shelton (TSgt, 3118 Signal Srv Bn., U.S. Army)

Raymond Edward Shelton (Tec 4, Hq Co, 3610 SCU, U.S. Army)

Bobby Jim Sims (U.S. Army)

Eugene M. Valerio (U. S. Army)

Gene Morrison Webb (U.S. Army)

Robert Watson Webb (U.S. Army)

Paul Kelley Wheeler (Capt, U. S. Marine Corps)

James Norbert Williamson (U. S. Army)


Korean War (1950-1953)

John Harry Burton (U.S. Air Force)

Newell E Burton Sr (U.S. Army, U.S. Navy)

Teddy Joe Burton (U.S. Army)

William Thomas Fowler (Sgt, Co. C, 2nd Engineer Combat Batt., 2nd Inf Div, U.S. Army)(KIA)

Neil Francis Galloway Jr (1stLt, U.S. Army)

David F "Hank" Jolly (U.S. Air Force)

Homer Van Max Medford (SN, U.S. Navy)

Allen Dale Savage (TM3, U.S. Navy)

John Frazier Savage (CWO4, U.S. Army)

Paul Kelley Wheeler (Capt, U. S. Marine Corps)


Vietnam War (1964-1972)

Newell E Burton Sr (U.S. Army, U.S. Navy)

Newell E "Mike" Burton Jr (U.S. Army)

Karen Klisavage Burton (U.S. Army)

David F "Hank" Jolly (U.S. Air Force)

Rickey Mawby (U.S. Army)

Homer Calvin Pickens Jr (Col, U.S. Army)

James Roscoe "Jimmy" Savage (LCDR, U.S. Navy)

Sterling Sheridan Savage (U.S. Army)

Myron Edward Shelton Sr (SP4, U.S. Army)

Paul Kelley Wheeler (Capt, U. S. Marine Corps)

Richard George Williamson (SP4, U. S. Army)



John Veitch (94th Foot Soldiers, Canada British Regiment, 1809)


Indian Wars

Robert Savage (Pvt, Co. C [Minute Men], Montague Co., Frontier Battalion of Texas Rangers)


U N Duty

Newell E "Mike" Burton Jr (U.S. Army)[Haiti]



Joseph Daniel Shelton (Oklahoma National Guard)


Desert Shield/Desert Storm

Newell E "Mike" Burton Jr (U.S. Army)

Billy Gerald Savage (U.S. Air Force)


"Peacetime" Service

James Aguilar (U.S. Army)

Mathew Burton (U.S. Army)

Taylor Burton (U.S. Army)

William Wallace Burton (U.S. Army 1947 - 1951)

Ken Watkins (U.S. Army)

Lisa Burton Watkins (U.S. Army)