Magness Family

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My 5th Great Grandparents

Perry Green Magness b: 23 May 1796, Rutherford County, North Carolina. d: 1 Mar 1884, Keltonburg, DeKalb County, Tennessee.

Mary "Polly" Cantrell b: 20 July 1799, Little Buck Creek, Spartanburg County, South Carolina. d: 3 Jan 1863, Bildad, DeKalb County, Tennessee.


1. Constance Maud "Connie" Magness m: William Riley "Bill Flat" Cantrell

2. Harriet Magness m: Watson Cantrell Potter

3. Sarah "Sallie" Magness m: Daniel Watkins "Wat" Webb

4. Bethel C Magness m: Elizabeth "Betsy" Martin

5. William Hall "Bill" Magness m: Elizabeth Jane West

6. Perry Green Magness Jr m: Martha Jane Webb

7. Mary J Magness m: Ransom A "Ranse" Youngblood

8. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Magness m:(1) Harrel Byars Jr (2) David Potter (3) Talton Parrish

9. Martha Magness m: Robert Cantrell

10. Leroy Jackson "Cain" Magness m: Malissa Faulkner

11. Charlotte B Magness m: William Christopher "Bill" Odom

12. Richard Marion "Dick" Magness m: Sarah Ann "Sallie" McGowan

13. Marietta Magness

My 6th Great Grandparents

George Magness b: Mar 1769, Tryon, Polk County, North Carolina. d: Abt 1816, Warren County, Kentucky.

Mary "Polly" Durham b: Abt 1776, Orange County, North Carolina. d: Abt 1840, Warren County, Tennessee.


1. Sarah "Sally" Magness m: William Hicks

2. Perry Green Magness m: Mary "Polly" Cantrell

My 7th Great Grandparents

Perrigreen Magness b: Abt 1722, Prince George's County, Maryland. d: 8 May 1800, Warren County, Kentucky.

Mary Naylor b: Abt 1725, Prince George's County, Maryland. d: Abt 1800, Tryon (later Rutherford) County, North Carolina.


1. George Magness m: Mary "Polly" Durham

2. Moses Magness m: Elizabeth ???

3. William Magness (never married)

4. James Magness (rumored to have died during Revolutionary War)

5. Perry Green Magness m: Mary Ragin

6. Benjamin Magness m: (1)Elizabeth Mooney (2)Nancy Walker

7. Jonathan Magness m: Rebecca Hamonds

8. Zachariah Magness

9. Samuel Magness m: (1)Ann Ware (2)Mary Morgan (3)Nancy Ragin

10. David Magness

11. Robert Magness m: (1)Lydia Gamble (2)Sally Wilson

12. Joseph Magness m: Abella Twitty

13. Patsy Magness

14. Sarah Magness m: John Morris Roberts

15. Mary Magness m: Joseph Looper

My 8th Great Grandparents

Peregrine Mackaness b: Abt 1695, Ireland. d: 9 Jun 1763, Maryland.

Mary ??? b: Abt 1702, England. d: Abt 1764, Massachusetts.


1. Perrigreen Magness m: Mary Naylor