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On this Cemetery page you will find pictures of headstones and/or footstones of the pics scanned. If you have pics from these (or other Cemeteries [must be related lines]) please email me and I'll gladly include them.

Whorton Springs Cemetery, DeKalb County, Tennessee

Welcome to the Whorton Springs Cemetery

Headstone of Vera Parlee [Webb] Rothfeldt (My 1st Great Grandma), wife of Clyde Theodore Rothfeldt. Vera is the daughter of James Watson and Vernecie Jane [Cantrell] Webb. Vera died as a result of injuries sustained in a car wreck.

Headstone of James Watson and Vernecie Jane [Cantrell] Webb (My 2nd Great Grandparents). James W. is the son of Silas Richard "Dick" and Paralee A [Potter] Webb. Vernecie is the daughter of Hasel H and Sarah Malinda [Jones] Cantrell.

Not sure, at this time, how Julius and Ola tie into my Webb's but I'm pretty sure they do. Same goes for the rest of the one's below.


Bethleham Cemetery, Robertson County, Tennessee

Above - The Headstones of James Monrow Savage and his wife Artis Marinda Ennis... Below - The Headstones of U B "Orren" Ennis and his wife Mary J {last name unknown}. (They are the parents of Artis M Ennis above).

Above - Headstone of Thomas and Kitty [Baggett] Savage. Thomas is the son of Thomas and Nancy W. Savage. {Brother to Eli Savage shown below and James M. Savage shown above}. Chrischany "Kitty" Bagget is the daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Susan [Porter] Baggett... Below - Headstone of Eli and Elizabeth Louisa Savage.


Webb Cemetery, Bluff Springs, Warren County, Tennessee.

The pictures and info was obtained from Cousin Sandy Lewis Noe and additional info was supplied by Cousin Ladyejane Hunter... Thank You Cousin Sandy and Cousin Ladyejane :)

This cemetery was established in 1850 on land donated by James Webb.

It is a beautiful cemetery with many unmarked graves. It is in Warren County, Tennessee, out from McMinnville.

Andrew Jackson Webb b: Jan. 1, 1851 d: Oct. 11, 1904 ... married Dec. 24, 1874, to Samantha Green / Samatha [Green] Webb b: May 22, 1855 d: Sept. 1, 1945

Above - Bailey, Mary, and Robert.... all children of Andrew Jackson and Samantha [Green] Webb.

John Buchanan Webb (son of James and Didama [Webb] Webb ... husband of Telitha Cope) b: Mar. 25, 1823 d: Apr. 1, 1900; at 77 yrs 6 months / James Buchanan Webb (son of John Buchanan and Telitha [Cope] Webb) b: Mar. 1, 1858 d: Jan. 15, 1941

Louisa Didama Grissom ................ James Buchanan Grissom

b: May 3, 1859 d: Apr. 7, 1939 ...... b: Mar. 31, 1858 d: Nov. 30, 1906

(James Buchanan Grissom is the son of James C. and Ann [Boyd] Grissom ... J. B. Grissom was married twice 1} Mary Maude Johnson and 2} Louisa Didama Webb)

(J. B. Grissom married his first wife, Mary Maude Johnson, on Mar. 21, 1888 ... She was b: Aug. 21, 1870 d: Feb. 2, 1898 ... She's buried at Laurel Creek Cemetery, Van Buren County, Tennessee)

Mary Webb (daughter of Harrel and Jennie [Gill] Byars .. wife of James Webb, married Aug. 25, 1842)

b: Mar. 31, 1828 d: Aug. 31, 1897

Belle Badger .................. Didama Webb (Sisters)

1867 - 1875 .................. Sept. 11, 1831 - Jan. 10, 1899

(Didama was the wife of Dr. Felix Alberto Badger)

W. (C or G) Webb (son of ??? Webb)

b: July 24, 183? d: July 2?, 1832


Smithville Town Cemetery, Smithville, DeKalb County, Tennessee

B. M. Cantrell b: Dec. 18, 1841 d: (no date) / S. G. Cantrell b: Feb. 8, 1842 d: Feb. 24, 1907

G. B. Cantrell b: Oct. 20, 1875 d: Oct. 29, 1875 / H. R. Cantrell b: Nov. 11, 1880 d: Nov. 28, 1881

D. L. Cantrell b: June 3, 1874 d: Sept. 11, 1875 / R. Cantrell b: & d: Jan. 27, 1869

Douglas Leslie Cantrell (son of B. M. & S. G. Cantrell) b: June 3, 1874 d: Sept. 11, 1875

Eugene Cantrell (son of E. T. & Eva Cantrell) b: Dec. 12, 1907 d: Oct. 17, 1915


The following views of the Old Savage Cemetery have been obtained from Cousin Donna Savage of Hendersonville, Tennessee... Thank You Cousin Donna :)

Santee Creek, Robertson County, Tennessee

Santee Creek, Robertson County, Tennessee

Old Savage Cemetery, Robertson County, Tennessee

A Visit To The Old Savage Cemetery, Robertson County, Tennessee, Savage Graves in the Distance

Old Savage Cemetery, Robertson County, Tennessee

Graves of Thomas and Nancy Wilks (Baggett) Savage

Old Savage Cemetery, Robertson County, Tennessee

Close Views Of the Graves Of Thomas and Nancy Savage

Old Savage Cemetery, Robertson County, Tennessee

View Toward the Santee Creek, Near the Old Savage Cemetery, 2004